Animate Your Hotspots and Content Boxes

Hey gang,

While I’ve personally been a bit slack lately on my newsletter updates, the feature updates on SeekBeak have not been idle at all!

Hotspot Animations!

You can now add subtle, or not so subtle, animations to your Hotspots in order to draw the viewer’s eye to them. Currently there are 2 main types of Animations. Each type can be layered with another type, and all Animation types allow you to modify almost any parameter, to really customize the look and feel.

For example, I’ve put in a couple subtle “SeeSaw” and “Pulse” animations in this demo:
The animations can be easily accessed via a new button in your Hotspot Edit area. As per usual, the Hotspot Animations are now automatically included with the free, and paid plans, with more types on the way.



As always, if you’ve got any comments or suggestions, our e-doors are always open. Email or contact us via the website, or social media links below.

Till next time!

Tim Allan

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