How To Share Your Virtual Project

Ok, so you’re ready to share your project. Below are some ideas and how-to’s to get you started!

Embed On Any Website

SeekBeak makes it easy for you to embed your new 360º virtual experience directly in your website – this way visitors don’t have to leave your site to interact with the tour.

Good website placement is very important to make sure that visitors can easily find your virtual tour on your website.

See this post on how to embed your project on any website:

Publish On Google Street View

You’ve spent all this time making a great 360 experience in SeekBeak, why not get some more eyeballs on it, and put it up on Google Street View as well!?

How to publish your virtual tour to Google Street View:

Share on Facebook

Facebook supports 360° media now such as photos and videos, making it the ideal platform to share links to your virtual project. We’ve got a Share To Facebook button right under the “Share” icon.

Join our Facebook Group and learn and share with like-minded people!

Share on Social

Directly share links to your virtual tour on other various social channels with a simple click! With the click of a button, you can share to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all from the Sharing Dialogue area! Is your network not listed? No problem, simply copy the Public URL and paste it into your Social Channel of choice, the name/description, and thumbnail will be picked up automatically.

Create Custom Links

From the Sharing Dialogue area, you can create custom URLs and specialized custom links to share on MLS, or with special clients. Need to show your experience without logos,  starting at a certain start point, or looking at a certain spot, but only for one client or service? No problem.

Share with a QR Code

Did you know SeekBeak has a QR code generator for print media/brochures/cards at events? You can find this sharing feature in the Sharing Dialogue area.

Share with an HD Screenshot

Click the Camera Icon to generate and save an HD Screenshot of your virtual experience to your computer. Great for including in emails, presentations, text messages, or anything else that can use flat images.

Share Your Project Live

SeekBeak Tour Guide allows you to invite one or more viewers inside your experience, with both 360º and flat image support. Everyone can see, hear, and chat with each other in real-time. See the post on Tour Guide:

Good luck getting your project out there! If you ever want SeekBeak to showcase your project or help promote your work please reach out to us via the contact page, we love to share!

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