What's the point? 8 months ago

The Point Is… …what we’re having to call our ‘old’ Hotspots now, as we’re officially launching our new Polygon Hotspot! We now have “Point” and “Polygon” Hotspot options available when you click the “Add” button. (Yes, we do also have Quick Jump, but it’s simply a Point Hotspot …

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Flat Image Support 9 months ago

We’re no longer only supporting 360º images. SeekBeak now supports flat a.k.a. “normal” images, which seamlessly integrate with your existing 360 degree ones. When uploading images, you can select select “Equirectangular” or “Flat” image. Simple as that. Flat images have an identical feature set to the 360 degree …

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VR is Dead... Long Live XR! 9 months ago

As they say in Australia, it’s hard yakka keeping up with all this new fangled tech. Recently,  Google removed WebVR support from their Chrome browser, causing all sorts of headaches for people using Web based VR. WebXR is the successor to WebVR, which SeekBeak now fully supports. What …

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